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While answering a recent question asked in our email newsletters discussion forum I came across a nice little program called Mailing Check. The mailing check program allows you to run a SpamAssassin scan of an email before sending it to your mailing list. Scanning an email before sending it out allows you the chance to fix content related issues that could increase the chance of your newsletter being marked as spam by other email providers. Decreasing the chance that your email will be marked as spam increases the chance that it will be delivered into your subscribers inboxes.

I rated the download and installation of Mailing Check a 10 becuase it's a simple process. The download is a zip file that contains an installer file. Double click the installer file and the program quickly installs itself. I scanned both the zip file before the install and the C:\Program Files directory after the install with a several spyware detection programs including StopZilla. No viruses or spyware were detected with any of my scans.

I did not rate the documentation or support since they did not apply to my install, test, or this review. If you are not already familiar with SpamAssassin, it is a content filtering program used by some email providers to help keep spam out of their users inboxes. Additional documentation for SpamAssassin can be found here. I could not find any contact or support information for Mailing Check on their web site. Their whois lists as a possible support contact but I believe their intent is not to be contacted for support of their free product.

I ran Mailing Check against a test email both in standalone mode and in online checks mode. The online checks will likely trigger several alerts from any software firewall program that you are running on your computer. I was surprised to see that my email scored better with the online checks enabled. The online checks can be enabled from the options tab. Below on the left is my standalone scan and on the right is the scan that included the online checks.

Mailing Check - standalone.JPG Mailing Check - Online Checks.JPG

I am satisfied with the quality of Mailing Check. It does what it claims to do. It runs a SpamAssassin content filtering scan against your email and allows you the opportunity to identify and fix potential issues with your email before you send it out.

Price. Once again I found some useful free software. Free is a price you can't beat!

Warning! My review of Mailing Check does not mean that I have reviewed or approve of the authors other program Send Blaster. Using a PC based mail program to send bulk email will likely harm the reputation of your business and mailing list. Unless you are a professional and have a good understanding of the topics covered in our I recommend that you use a 3rd party such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact for sending your email newsletters and managing issues such as removing email addresses that no longer accept email.

Mailing Check can be downloaded here - Email spam check score software with SpamAssassin. Check your spam rate now.

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