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Hello All,

As promised I wanted to followup on my first use of MailChimp. I have been using Outlook and was looking for an alternative. Popowich suggested several solutions including MailChimp.

I was hoping for something that I could attach a newsletter to, but here is what I have settled on. I make the newsletter then upload to MS Skydrive, create a "campaign" in MailChimp and create a link to the Skydrive address where the club members can download the news.

The hardest part was populating the list. I sent a test campaign to the membership, received a list of the bounced e-mails which I was able to correct and can see how many people actually are opening the mail.

This is much more powerful than what I was doing in Outlook and the price is right at 0 dollars.

Training online with the product is good and after a couple (maybe 4 or 5) tries, you will be going good.

hope this helps.



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Hi z,

:thanks: for sharing your experience.

Please continue to let us know what works (and doesn't work) for you at MailChimp.

Also, if you don't mind the $1 get started fee, and direct file attachments are important to you, then AWeber is a service you might want to try.

Thanks! -Ray