mail sent from me, but not from me!


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I have a Yahoo e-mail account, from which, some how e-mail messages (currently harmless) have been sent to people on my contact list. How did this happen? How can I stop it?

Carolyn Allen

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I have received two emails from my daughter's email address but she did not send them. They are ads for a Canadian Drug site with ridiculously low prices and I suspect it is a scam to obtain people's credit card numbers. I received something very similar from another person in my contact list who also did not send it. Please investigate. I will forward the email to you if you will give me an address. Thanks.


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change your password ASAP

I guess you got hacked email account, try to change your password ASAP and make stong password with combination between : upper and lower cases, signs, letters and numbers as like this:
Don't forget also to set password recovery secret question and details.
Many luck to you.