Mail Forwarding Yahoo Error 77315


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On November 26, I attempted to set up mail forwarding to my new e-mail account from my old yahoo mail account. I found the validation message from Yahoo in my new account. When I clicked the link provided, I got the
error message 77315.
I have tried again every day since and get the same error.


New Email
I deleted my new email address and added it back. I then deleted a comcast
address and added it back. In both cases, I received the 77315 error message. I was a mail plus subscriber and was transitioned to "Add Free".

I wonder if the yahoo programer screwed this up as well.


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Since you're a paid account and eligible for the premium support can you try calling 1-800-318-0612 and if needed the other information on this page?

Please let us know which of those options works best, and if they can provide a better resolution to the problem that deleting and re-adding the accounts in your settings so that other members can benefit from the answer too.



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Thanks for the quick reply.
I dialed the number you provided. The robot mentions how they have high
call volumes and checks in every minute saying how importent the call is to them and then hangs up after 5 minutes.

Correction: Last call was only three minutes before hangup.

My sense is that yahoo in on a death spiral and parts are falling off.