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My email adress ends in and I want to configure it on my android device and I already know about the server settings.

POP3 Server:
POP3 Port: 995 (or Port 110 if you don’t use SSL)
IMAP Server:
IMAP Port: 993 (or Port 143 if you don’t use SSL)

But there is an error message: Username or password incorrect.

I think it is because the domain is and the servers are or The username and the password are correct because I use them to log in on the website. I can´t configure my address either in the default client server of my phone and the android app.

I tryed with a new address ending in and it DO worked.

How can I do to configure my address? I want it because the username wasn´t available in

Thank you so much!


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Interesting, I see that is listed on their site but the whois and DNS look very different.

Try as your coming mail server.

It appears to be a different server pool, so it might work if is not working for you.

;; ANSWER SECTION: 86177 IN A 86177 IN A



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Re: setting up problems with

I tryed, buy now the error is:

Cannot connect to server. ((Unable to open connection to POP server./)

I tryed both ports 995 and 110.