MAIL.COM ISPs are being blocked & bouncing my emails


New Email
On 20th August I received my first bounced email and assumed the address must havee been wrong. Then the next day I had another that I knew was current as it was from someone who was enquiring about pricing and wanted a quote! I could not reply, but again I thought maybe just a temporary glitch. Over the weekend 2 more emails bounced back to me immediately with quotes on them! Different addresses. I found one of the enquirers through Facebook and spoke to her on there and sent her a quote through there because I could not reply to her email.

Yesterday, 24th August I contacted a friend who also has a account and he told me he was having exactly the same problems!

It appears that some ISP addresses are being blocked for spam! Specifically is listed on a Blacklist – one place you can check is Email Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted and enter that number as Server IP. It’s currently on 6 Blacklists – SORBS and Spamhaus are the ones I have in mind as the most important of those 6. is also blacklisted. These are 2 of the Planetmail Outbound IPs – see Postmaster MailSecurity (, Postmaster Mailsecurity) AND THE REASON WHY SOME OF MY EMAILS ARE BEING RETURNED AS UNDELIVERABLE! are being most unhelpful, accusing me of sending Spam, newsletters, you name it on a standard reply. I sent out 5 to 10 personal emails to people per day and they are to people I know personally or in response to enquiries to my small business only they are now ruining my business.:hammer:

COULD SOMEONE PLEASE SORT THEM OUT???? This must be happening all over!:hammer:


New Email
An update to this story now! IT IS BAD REALLY REALLY BAD....
This morning I sent them the above information again, and instead of sending me another stupid irrelevant reply, when I went to log in to my email I found I could not before I reset my password (I have had no problems for over 2 years), so I reset my password and got in to my mail. Later I went to log in again using that same new password and I could not get in, so I went to reset it again as if forgotten, and I was asked the security question.... Now I know very well what my first car was, but their system would not accept that either. I WAS THEN LOCKED OUT COMPLETELY!!! I messaged them, but how the hell are they supposed to reply to me without an email address????

I AM NOW AT MY WITS END. I have several email addresses with my premier account one of which is my new business. I have business cards and all sorts with that address on it, so aside from not being able to quote people, I now have loads of new stationery with a email that I can not access!

MAYBE THIS WAS A CASE OF "PUT UP" OR "SHUT UP" I seriously now need help.:hammer: