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If you could leave feedback for that you know would be read someday, what would you tell them?


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Am generally happy with their service. My only issue is having my account blocked, contacting them and getting no response! Which out-shadows everything good they do, if I can't access my e-mail it doesn't matter.

Would upgrade to Premium account to ensure this doesn't happen again.


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The premium account offering claims to offer telephone support.

I can't guarantee that will solve your problem, but if you upgrade to premium please let us know if the phone support helps you recover the account.

Also, the premium claims that emailed support requests will be answered within a business day.


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One week ago I forgot my password so filled out the relevant form. Unfortunately I had also forgotten the answer to my security question. I have only received automated responses so far. As anyone can imagine having no access to your email account for a week is incredibly frustrating.

I have had this address for nearly 12 years so I have everything invested in it.

As said I would be more than willing to upgrade to premium if I could get my account restored.

Can anybody shed any light on this?


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Great question. Here is what I sent them today on an evaluation form. I hope somebody at reads it.

Suggestion 1: I really need to prevent your customers from sending spam. Put another way, you need to keep yourself off of the spam blacklists, otherwise you are useless to us. Comcast blocked all mail from for 24 hours and I lost email. Please understand, it doesn't matter whether the customer knows he has a virus and is sending spam or not. YOU SHOULD KNOW IF SPAM IS BEING SENT THROUGH YOUR SERVERS. Maybe you need to work on this. Remember, I am forwarding my mail to my ISP. If they receive too many complaints that your IP addresses are sending spam, THEY WILL SHUT DOWN ALL MY INCOMING EMAIL.

Suggestion 2: I am rating your response time inadequate because your contact form is completely useless. Why? Because the customer cannot quickly send you a bounce notice. I have complained about this in the past but you do not seem to care. You need to have button so a premium user can browse to a file and attach it. Or else you need to have an email address where a premium user can quickly forward a bounce notice - one step, not two or three or four. Don't make your premium customers waste time sending useless forms and then waiting around for someone to email them back so they can send a bounce notice. When a customer's email is being blocked, they don't want to play games, when every minute and hour that passes means no email. They want to send you the bounce notice, one step. Why don't you guys understand this from the user's point of view?

Based on the above, the experience with the customer service agent is not relevant. The agents are not the problem.

mailcom sucks

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I cannot receive emails in my account for 4 days now. :mad: When I try to send to my account, I receive this error below. I can send emails from my account, seems I just cannot receive. I've tried's contact/ support form, but no response at all. I've heard this is quite common for gmx, which is now owned by the same company as Any ideas how to resolve this? Thanks much.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable


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I am happy with my account except that I can only send 4 or 5 emails an hour because it is fairly new. I am also told that this number will increase as the account ages but no specifics.

I would be happy to upgrade to premium if I could be guaranteed that this problem would be solved, but so far no guarantees.


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I have had accounts for about 10 years but must seriously consider dropping all accounts (including premium accounts) because I can no longer send to Hotmail accounts. Hotmail has blacklisted due to large amounts of spam and a poor sender score of 67%. A large number of the accounts I do business with are Hotmail/Livemail accounts. If this isn't addressed within the next 30 days I will have no choice to to permanently stop using


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I had by email blocked by and have contacted the help desk for assistance but all i could get was an automated message to my attached email. But still i cant access my email. Its really frustrating not being able to access your email and makes me really sad. It could lead to business loss for me. Please how do i go about this? I really need that email back. Thank you.
Hi, I recently made a account for personal use. It was working well for a few weeks until only recently, in the past week, it lets me log in, yet when I click the email I want to read, nothing happens and it wont open. I need this fixed ASAP as I have very important emails in my inbox, and it would be great if there was any help anyone could offer?
I have had mail .com accounts for about 8 years but must seriously consider dropping all accounts.It was working well in the last week. It is best customer service .I really need that email back. Thank you.