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The latest "improved" set-up has a very annoying checkbox.

When an email is moved or deleted the checkbox on the next email is automatically checked. When other emails are manipulated this email is moved as well and can be lost or deleted accidentally.:(

Please can someone tell me how to switch off the automaitc checkbox - I haven't found anywhere in settings or preferences to do this.

Rho :)


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sorry I cant help you with your question but I have a question for you since you use

How do you stay logged in? When I go to the home page there is a mail login but no where on there to check remember me or login automatically etc. Every time I go back to check mail I have to re log in with my email address and pw. Are you able to stay logged in for long periods of time? If so how?


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Not much help from me - I have no problem staying logged in but it's not something I have consciously set-up, it just happens. I use Firefox at home and IE 8 at work. Log in the first time and leave the tab in place, work around it then return when required.