hacked and/or blocked any hope of recovery


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After 18 years of having a account I am learning the hard way that there is absolutely no help or recourse when someone hacks your account. does not respond to any emails and I am beginning to worry that someone now has access to all my emails. I've tried password recovery and security question and nothing works. Does anyone who has had these problems know if the hackers have blocked my account or if has blocked it? Is there ANYONE out there who has gotten ANY help from on this type of problem. Do I need to be worried about the content of my emails that have been hacked? Thanks for any help.:hammer:


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Have you tried this form?

Based on the posts by others members I really can't give customer service a good rating.

I think you should prepare for the worst, that you will not get access back to your account and that someone else may have access to the email.

Sorry if that's not what you want to hear but it's the best answer we have.

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