Mail App (Mac) Not Working ....


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Last night Mail (Mac) was working perfectly, as it has for many years. This morning not working. Nobody touched my computer. I did not Install or Delete anything. Did NOT make ANY changes to anything at all.

I use DeamHost for my Web Host and E-mail Service. I have contacted DreamHost Tech Support three times today already. I'm in the Chat Room again, but they cannot help me. They have no clue what is wrong.

I've tried their suggestions to Reset the Password several times. Still Mail is not working.

I even set a Different Password for each E-mail Address, but still not working.

> I can send myself a message from my Mail App and receive it in my Mail App, BUT I cannot receive E-mail from somebody else to my Mail Application.
> Sent a Message from both Hotmail and Yahoo to my Mail App, but did not receive either message.

I really need to Resolve this Issue soon ...... I depend on my Mail App for All of my Important E-mail (Business, Familly, Friends, Personal)


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Well, looks like DreamHost cannot help me, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard spot .... They claim the Issue is an Apple Problem ....

I hope that somebody will recognize this issue and be able to help me find the Solution .... Hopefully very soon ....


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E-mail Accounts Working Again !!!

Finalll Resolved the Issue ... !!! As I suspected, it was something incredibly Simple .... !!!

To the right of each E-mail Account in Mail, there was a "Tilde" sign to the right, indicating that there is something wrong with that E-mail Address.

Finally, DreamHost Escalated my Issue to a higher-up Tech Support. After trying many things, most of which I had already been trying with other Techs all day long, finally the Tech told me to right click on the Tilde, and choose

"Take Account Online"

which worked for five of the accounts, but still had issues with the last account, which finally got working.

So what could have been the cause for this Problem to Happen?

I know that somebody did hack into my E-mail Account, because the first Tech this morning gave me some of the characters to my Password (very long Password), but those characters did NOT match up with my Password!!!

Has anyone run into an E-mail Hack like this one ... ???
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I've never heard of it but thanks for posting the resolution so if others find this they will see it. :)