MacBook Safari new Yahoo mail


New Email
I use the new Yahoo mail on my MacBook OS X w/ Safari. I import photos from my iPhoto acct to my email all the time. Then I can email the photos from my email to my yahoo email address. The photos are received in my yahoo mail; at that point I will click 'forward' so that I can 'label' and date the photos before forwarding them to my friends via my yahoo email.
For the first time, last night when I clicked 'send' to forward the labeled photos to my friends, I received this message: it had a RED triangle with an exclamation point in it and said, "Sorry, there was a problem sending your message" I also had the message: "Sorry, your draft failed to save"
I have rebooted my Mac. I have rebooted my 2Wire. I have checked for updates. I started over from scratch with the email in question, but the same thing happens today. (email w/o photos will send w/ no problem)
Also today, I received an email w/ a photo attachment. I tried to download it, but received a message from Norton: "Virus scan did not complete."
HOPE this is clear to you! THANK YOU for your help!!! Di