Mac Mail Setup


New Email
I was using Thunderbird for email with the windows pc's I had. I have the Mac Mini now. Before the list of incoming Mail titles showed up in the big window and nothing else. When clicking on an email message title a new window would open with the message sort of full screen but with the folders showing on the left side.

Now, with this Mac Mail. there is an upper window showing messages and the lower half of screen shows the actual messages. First, I want to only see the messages in a window when I click on them. And also, right now, when I highlight a message title or incoming mail message in the List, the bottom half of screen automatically shows the message.

I thought opening messages was not safe like this? Messages are opening and showing even though I have not clicked on anything. If I delete a message from the list of incoming mail window the next message automatically opens and shows up in the bottom window pane.

This is not good and I don't like this setup at all.

Can this be changed? Because looking over all options I don't see a way to set it up differently.

Thanks for any Help,