Lost the use of my mail account.


New Email
i have awhile back realized my yahoo account was not working. I would send mail to my self and not have it show up in my box. Had my wife do the same, no mail received.
now comes the part I can’t understand at all. I have forgot my password for this account. So I pressed forgot password and received the dumbest thing ever. It listed my recovery email as an email I have never seen or even heard of seeing. This is what it states as my recovery email, of which I have no way of receiving, but doing as instructed it seems to have been sent. M***ar@kipusi.space. Sense this was total crap, I went to section where asked questions were used to get through to my account. First question was my birthdate, I entered my birth date and it was said to be wrong. Can I get help or am I beyond that? Thanks