Lost my Outlook contacts again!


New Email
Hi Guys, All was well, then all of a sudden my contacts are all gone again.
2 things happened today:
1. I deleted some system files from a flashdrive only.....they were only related to files on the flashdrive I was emptying...I even checked with Gary on that before I did it, and he just now confirmed it.
2. A techy friend showed me how to sync my Iphone with my Itunes (the problem was that I had an old PC that was linked to my Iphone and I could not get to my library on my present PC) That did not involve Outlook at all.

Ray, It is the same as before....when I go to create a new email, the names and emails come up that I recently used, and when I go to my Outlook address books files, I see 7,000 something names but cannot find any of them. :rofl:
Please help when you can...