Lost access to yahoo mail

Hello everyone, I have a problem with accessing my yahoo email, my laptop was broken and after fixing it and installing a new windows i tried to log in my yahoo email and it is asking me to verify my account using an older email that i dont remmeber it's password.
I tried to recover the old email password but i could not for the same reason or example i have 2 emails x@yahoo.com and y@yahoo.com, to access x email i need to verify it using the y email and vice versa.
I do not know what to do with this issue nor i know why would yahoo suddenly lock my email and demand that i must verify using another email. If there is a solution for this i would appreciate it, thank you.
First of all thank you for you'r fast reply, I did after you'r post and when i go to yahoo sign in problem page it only asks for the code sent on the older email and i do not think my email was hacked as the log in information is right but yahoo wants to "keep my account safe" and verify I'm really the owner of the email.
please note that the only method of verification available for me is the older email. Thank you.
After some time searching I found out that yahoo deletes emails that has been inactive for a year. Therefore my older email is definitely deleted, how come yahoo is asking to verify my email using a code on a deleted email...


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If you dig through the forgot password options in the yahoo helper, there is a form to email Yahoo:

Contact Yahoo.jpg
When i call this number a recorded message says "Yahoo has recently changed the way customers can reach us please visit help.yahoo.com ". I tried sending an email to "cc-advoc@yahoo-inc.com". Does this email concern support issues or no? also when following the above picture I get directed me back to the page where i have to enter the code from my older email. Thank you.


The same problem with mine. I don' t know what to do to recover that email. It will send a code to the old email that I don't have access anymore.