Locked out of hotmail!!


New Email
No I didn't forget my pw but I was unable to log in... hotmail says that my account might be used by someone else. Went to Pw recovery. Problem is that the back up email is an old student account that can't be accessed. I've had this email addy for 18 years. I then did the more detailed recovery asking me for what state and zip I have. I've moved around quite a bit and don't know what state they have listed, in addition to asking me about the last emails I've written and email addresses on file (I don't have those memorized). In any case, the information I gave wasn't enough. So I called them! Of course it's automated and the only way to retrieve your account is through your phone number. Um... Do you remember you phone number from before cell phone days, when you were in college and your phone number changed all the time?? Please HELP!!! I have so much history, work and personal photos and info that I need to access! I've never had problem logging in in 18 years.