Locked Out of Hotmail


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The last 3 times (prior to the most recent time) that I logged into my Hotmail account, the software indicated it didn't recognize the computer I was logging in from, and wanted to know if it was public or private. Each time, I indicated it was private as this is the computer I have been using for years.

This last time I tried to log in, the software said I needed to be sent a security code which was to be e-mailed to the other e-mail address I had provided when I first established the account. Unfortunately, I no longer have that e-mail address, as I no longer have service through the cable TV provider that I had it through (additionally, they are no longer in business).

I provided a new alternate e-mail address to send the code to, and entered it as requested. The software then indicated if I didn't allow another code to be sent to the non-existent cable TV account, that I will have to wait 30 days to access my Hotmail account! :mad:

I have been Google'ing to no avail to find a Hotmail customer service number to get this issue resolved, as I cannot afford to wait a month to access my e-mail account.

How do I get in touch with someone to get this issue resolved?

Thank you so very much for any help you might be able to provide.


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Thanks for the response. :) Unfortunately, when I first established the Hotmail account (many years ago), I didn't have my mobile number, and therefore didn't register it. The software is only allowing the option of waiting a month, and that isn't really an option.

Additionally, I tried calling the number (1.800.386.5550) in the hacked e-mail post to no avail. They won't answer if you don't have a paid support account number. Also, the windows live help links don't work either. I'm getting ready to send an e-mail to both of the Microsoft e-mail addresses listed there to see if anyone will respond.