Locked out of hotmail, can't verify ownership, buggered ?

Someone for some reason has hacked my account.
I tried to verify it but it wants to send am email to my daughters 5yr old email that she hasn't used and as such, can't get access.

I tried to fill in the verification form, apparently I don't have enough info to verify that its mine....

Looked all over the place for contact details but I am in Australia, can't seem to find anyone that can help......

Wall after wall, after wall......

What now ? :hammer:
I looked up the Microsoft hotline for tech support, called them, they sent email to global help centre. They contacted me direct via email.

I have since then managed to regain control of it, by filling out that form with as much info as possible, here's what they said.....


You have reached the Windows Live Global Escalations Team.

To further assist you regarding your concern, we will be doing the manual validation process. Please provide the following information so that you can validate ownership of the account and regain access to it.

Live ID information:

· The Impacted Email Address you are inquiring about
· Country
· State/Region
· Postal Code
· Account Creation date (mm-yyyy)
· Last successful sign in date
· Last time you change the password
· Location from where the account was created
· Alternate email address added to the account
· Contacts (email address format, at least 5, you can also include email address were you sent or received an email)
· Email Subject Lines Sent (subject of emails that you sent, at least 4)
· Email Subject Lines Received (subject of emails that you received, at least 4)
· Folders that you created (at least 4)
The secret to passing our validation process is to provide as much information as possible. For items like email folders, contacts and mail subjects, provide 3 or 4 answers (multiple/possible answers) instead of just one.
Also, you may have registered your account using different pieces of information. Please try to provide as many answers as possible so that we can cross reference such information with our system records.