locked out for 6 months Please help


New Email
Michael Becker my university student son is travelling and has been locked out of his hot mail account (mikebecksbecker@hotmail.com) for over six months. Every important document he needs is in his email. Resumes, legal documents for entry to US, his personal writing from 5 years. He used it as a safe haven while studying in US.
He has sent the form with numerous updated correct information regarding recent emails and subject headings. Can anyone PLEASE explain to me why the machine is
knocking him back and where any people are to help. If you are real please email me (his mother) we are desperate. Michael is frequently talking in a blog with a technician who says he will help him in 24 hrs and weeks have passed and nothing. Email me to verify him please. I am his mother. anne.becker@education.wa.edu.au We are very proactive about getting him back into his email. He can be contacted at his new email mikesputnikbecker@gmail.com. Please help me retrieve his documents even if only for one day and then close it down if you need to.