Location of the Eudora 7.1 spell check function


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Over the past 10 years or so, many people have had the same problem: the spell check function disappears, despite being checked in Options, and it does not respond to Ctr+6.
In my searches it is clear the function is activated in the Data folder, not the program folder. Eudora.ini has all the right items activated.
When Install a second copy of Eudora7.1 with a different label, spell check works. The .ini files match considering the new version contains no data.

One of the folders added during program installation in the Data folder must be corrupted, but I have been unable to determine which and the Internet searches back to 2006 have not yielded any useful information.

Where does the spell check function reside? What does the checking of the spell check to correct while typing or the toggle <Ctrl+6> do and where does it act??


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Like many others, I am a diehard Eudora user - syncing across multiple PCs, by separating the Data from the Program files.
Recently I found on my 64-bit PC that SpellCheck would not work . . After looking at many forums over many months, I eventually found the answer.

Within the Eudora.ini file, there is a pointer LexPath=c:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora - but for a 64-bit system the path needs to be
c:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\Eudora.

Having changed the LexPath entry, all is now good - except for my 32-bit MiniPC where the sync process will change it's ini file to the 64-bit option (a small problem as my main PCs are 64-bit and the future direction) . .

Maybe this advice can assist others . . . .

Bob A

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I tried your suggestion with LexPath, adjusted for my computer LexPath=c:\Eudora Files\Eudora but it made no difference. The dictionaries for both American and British English are present. The uignore.tlx file is full of words I've added in the past. Any idea of where to turn next?

PS: If you ever find a good replacement for Eudora, please let me know. Outlook doesn't cut it, but Eudora is old by computer standards regarding security.