Live Mail not accessing message folders (still there)


New Email
Crazy situation. Live Mail no longer shows the old messages in my two blueyonder accounts . The message folders are still there in a "mail" folder on my drive, but Live Mail isn't accessing them.

This has occurred because I was inadvertently running Skydrive on two computers, (one new just acquired), and backing up the same "mail" folder simultaneously on both - with crazy criss-cross results.

What it did was to create six "Blueyonder.." folders plus six "" folders in the main "mail" folder

Plus two new additional email accounts for Blueyonder... mirroring, the old ones for pop3.blueyonder.

Here presumably comes the criss-cross -.

The new BLUEYONDER email accounts are now the active ones receiving new email, while the original old ones are no longer receiving.

BUT the old email messages are contained in two of the "POP3.BLUEYONDER3".folders.

All of the folders register as having been created today..


Which accounts should I try to reconnect with the old message folders, and how? Many thanks.

P.S. The old computer is Win 7 Ultimate, the new one Win 7 Professional