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If you would like to recommend an alternative to Lavaboom please post their link and reasoning here.

Compare - Encrypted Email Service Providers

I'd like to recommend SCRYPTmail because I'm working with Sergei and he's a good guy that supports the cause and is running his company in a fiscally responsible manner while working on an excellent upgrade to their email interface. It's really a redesign, not an upgrade/enhancement to the existing webmail.

I'd like to recommend trying Tutanota ( @Tutanota ) and Whiteout too since they are actively working on improving their services and the email encryption community.

I'm not thrilled with ProtonMail's customer support (personal opinion!) but I feel I should give them a mention since most everyone else will too.


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I'd like to recommend SCRYPTmail because I'm working with Sergei

Glad to hear he's got another quality member on his team! IMO it's always good when an email provider can avoid the appearance of being a "one man operation," which could keep many users from using the service with any long-term confidence.


Valued Member, another email provider from Germany. Incl. complete web-based office suite (Open Xchange).

We are a provider to offer the option of automatically encrypting your incoming e-mails. This means they are secure in your inbox and can be decrypted and read only by you.

The e-mails contained in the encrypted inbox are encrypted using PGP. As you learned in the first doodle film, the message’s sender, recipient, and subject line are not encrypted. This is not possible with any of the encryption methods currently available.

Also note that e-mails you compose with your mail client and save to the Sent folder are unfortunately not encrypted at the moment. We are working on a solution to this issue, which should available in the medium term, as we need to wait for the release of a specific software version.

As a workaround, you can encrypt the e-mails themselves and send them as BCC. All popular e-mail programs offer a BCC copy for outgoing messages. You can then use a Sieve mail filter to filter these (now encrypted) e-mails to go to the Sent folder.

Quoted from: The Encrypted Mailbox | | | English Page


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Hi @saraf

Do you mind posting what you like most about @Tutanota and @SCRYPTmail ?

What other services did you try and where did they fall short?


Hi @popowich

@Tutanota and @SCRYPTmail: Very simple and lightweight iterface which is not cluttered with unnecessary features and for me it's more important than a colorful interface with thousands of unnecessary features (e.g. the background image from the Hawaiian beach...). Very easy to send encrypted messages, transparency, good interaction with users, a clear warrant canary report...

My first web email account was on

I was "playing" with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Outlook and Yandex email but I do not like the combination between email service and search engine. I know that on the Internet there is no complete anonymity and I'm not a terrorist but trying to keep a normal level of privacy. I want to be a customer and not a product.

I used Namecheap private email hosting (Open-Xchange) with own domain and there was so many downtime...

Lavabit (with SquirrelMail) was a good service, but unfortunately...

Openmailbox not bad (I like Roundcube).

Proton has done a great job, but I do not know why, I have an aversion according to him, although I have an account on Proton.

I have tested almost all of the services that are mentioned here on the

Generally, I like to test a new email services and for now I am very satisfied with @Tutanota and @SCRYPTmail.