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If X sends message to Y through gmail, where X and Y are email ids, is it possible to some one to know X has sent the email to Y and vice versa.


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Is it possible for someone other than X or Y to know? It's possible Z knows.

A compromised account could have Z watching the inbox, monitoring over IMAP, or receiving a copy of forwarded emails.

Z help desk or some other team could be looking at your screen if you login from work.

If X or Y suspect there is a problem they should change their passwords, account reset information, and only login from trusted computers/

Is this the kind of answer that you were looking for?

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Let my email id is, I send emails to many people through A person Z knows my email, this is the only information known to Z. Is by any means possible to Z to know whom I sent the email or who sent me the emails. In general is it possible to Z to know my contact details. If it is possible, how can I protect from this.

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