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I have my firewall locked down where my Exchange server is the only one allowed to send using port 25. My external IP gets blacklisted quite a bit. As soon as we get off one list we get blacklisted by another. The Exchange external IP isn't the one getting blacklisted but our firewall external IP does.

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Are you able to get any feedback on the spams?

Full headers from the complainers?

Does your network listing with ARIN have an email address where people can send abuse reports?

If not, check with your ISP and see if they have reports for your IP address(es)

Is there a computer in your network that is compromised and sending spam?

If it's a small company are you able to check the traffic port by port and see who is sending outbound port 25 either by connection or at the firewall?

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{IP address discovered in private conversation}

In addition to checking your network for a compromised system that is sending out spam, if any legitimate email traffic is leaving your network you will need to start correct your DNS too.

You have reverse DNS setup which is good, but there is not matching record in your zone file.

Please let us know if the situation improves after fixing your DNS.