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Yesterday, I asked a question of "Just Answer", had to leave a $38 deposit via my credit card number, and have not heard from them since. When I try to access my account, they claim that it is not complete, that I have not asked a question, etc. Are they a scam and am I being taken?? They are also on the screen when I access you. Judy

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Hi Judy,

I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Just Answer is not going well. I too have seen them advertising on many technical web sites. If you are seeing advertising from them it would be through a program called Google Adsense that is used to power the advertising on this forum. There should be a report advertiser or contact Google link in the corner of the ads that you can use to report a problem advertiser directly to Google. If they don't get back to you in a reasonable amount of time (2-3 business days) I'd make use to the contact link and report them to Google.

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