Junk mail


I am receiving 60 or more junk emails per day. I have to scroll through them in case someone I know who is not a contact is trying to contact me.
I have been blocking these emails for about three weeks now but my box still fills up.
Any suggestions?


Are these emails from one particular sender? If they are from multiple senders who are sending solicited or unsolicited email, you may need to unsubscribe from each one individually.


The junk email I get is from a lot of different sources. Today, there were 63 new junk mail pieces in a 12 hour time interval. As a result, it takes longer than it should to open hotmail. Very irritating!!


Customer Service
This happened to me before and unfortunately when your email address is that overrun, you just need to start a new one. Copy your address book and email everyone with your new email address. Make sure you BCC all of the people on the email and put YOUR email address on the "TO" line so you aren't passing everyone's email to the whole mailing list.

Good luck!