ive been hacked and cant get back in


New Email
my email address was hacked when i try logging into it, it says "it looks like somebody else may be using your account" and it wont let me access it, it then asks me what account im trying to unblock, i enter it, it asks me to enter a email address to contact, i enter it and it then takes me to the next page with a list of recovery questions, ive answered them all correctly accept there are some questions i cannot answer for example it asks for the names of any folders ive created -- i havnt created any, it asks for the last 4 digits of my credit card -- i dont have a credit card, it asks for other passwords ive used on the account -- ive only used the one password and so on so i just leave these fields blank so when i finish, it tells me the information i have entered is inadequate so i am unable to access my e-mail address, is there any other way i am able to access it? it needs to be this e-mail address because my xbox live account is merged with this e-mail and as it is blocked, meaning i am unable to sign in to my xbox account, please help as soon as possible?? the email i am trying to recover is called [email removed/never post your email address in a public place unless you like spam]
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