Is this Live Mail crazy or what? 8.1


New Email
Don't mean to be too facetious but after Outlook Express which I liked and used for a few decades, Live Mail is making my brain hurt. I've managed to arrange the interface well enough so that many if not most things are recognizable, but still tearing out my with regard to other issues.

Currently I'm trying to find a way to use folders in Live Mail in the same way I did with OE. Specifically I had over 6000 emails with data I needed to save in their appropriately named OE folders. To be clear if I saved a mail (let's call it mail X) in a folder named X it would stay there until I moved, changed, or deleted it. But in Live Mail (8.1) if I manage to create a folder named X I'm not sure any longer if that folder is located in Folders, local folders, imported folders 1, or imported folders 2 all of which are shown in the storage folders pane. So which is which? ALL I WANT IS FOLDERS...JUST LIKE OE...END OF STORY!

Next, when I move (or copy) an email to a designated folder (again let's say email X to folder X) I want that X email to stay in that X folder until I do something else with it myself, even if I delete it out of the inbox, all mail box or any other box it may be in. Part of what's driving me crazy is if I move X, it should moved and not remain showing somewhere else like in "all mail". Who heck needs all mail anyway? It's just another complication in the Live Mail bureaucracy. I'm on the verge of moving everything to T Bird. :mad:

Anyone have suggestions or solutions? :confused: