Is There A Way to Edit or Add Notes to a Received Email

Big Dan

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Hi Folks,

I was wondering if there is anyway to edit an email I've already received or add notes to it like maybe a Chrome extension or something. There are quite a few emails I need to add notes or additional information to.

For instance, today I needed to setup Facebook integration on a clients Wordpress site. I had to pull the App ID and App secret off his Facebook account. I copy/pasted the info and saved it as a draft reply. Draft's aren't ideal because I worry about accidentally sending it.

Lot's of time emails are just scheduling for a meeting. It would be really helpful if I could add note to the email listing things we need to go over.

I found this on Google: Add Gmail Notes with Notes for Gmail, set due dates for emails it appears to be just the ticket but it's private beta which makes finding reviews challenging but there's the task of actually getting into the beta.

Any thoughts?



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Hi, Dan!

Well, Microsoft's Outlook email client has this capability and is one of my favorite things about it. But for those who don't have it, the "poor man's approach" would be (as you're well aware) to forward the email to yourself and make any modifications before sending. Too much of a pain for many, esp. when having to do this for many emails already received.

Some providers (i.e. some interfaces) have an "edit as new" function, which can be used on received emails. It allows editorial modifications, but when saved (and moved to another folder, for example) will still be considered a draft and will be opened in a compose window. Not ideal.

But if Gmail is, in fact, coming out with some sort of feature that you said is in beta as we speak, that'd be nice. :)


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I reply to the conversation, but send it To: myself to get "notes to myself" embedded within Gmail emails.

Then when I am done I can archive the entire conversation with notes as one email thread into a label or the actual Gmail archive function.

Big Dan

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Thanks Froggy. I had an install of Outlook for a while it was just way to bloated for me. Thunderbird, Ligthening, and Google Tasks sync is where it's at for me. :)

I applied to and got into the beta for Notes For Gmail as mentioned above. It seems like you just sign up and they automatically accept you. So far I'm pretty impressed it works as advertised.

Here's a screenshot of it in action. Before you ask: Yes, I did email myself and STILL had to add notes to the email. D'Oh. :rofl:

The app also labels everything with a Note so you're notes are easy to find.