Is Hotmail blocking my password resets?


New Email
I am having a problem!
I did not reset my Youtube account when they said I would have to go through Gmail so they locked my out.
I redid my password.
I forgot the new password!

I asked them to send me the password to the email I used initially to logon (my Hotmail account)

For some reason Youtube says "we have mailed the reset instructions to your account" (at Hotmail).

I go to my Hotmail account and there is no password reset email from youtube!

I have had this problem with other websites too. In fact, I no longer give my hotmail address when I login to new sites or forums because of this tendency of Hotmail to "screen out" these password reset emails from other websites.


I have tried the "junk mail" folder, I have tried putting youtube in my "safe" recipients.
What else can I do? I really do NOT want to loose the Youtube accoount I have there are so many of my videos there already.

Why won't Hotmail allow these password resets to go through????:mad: