Is 30 day lock out legit?


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I have been using hotmail for over 10 years. I was asked to verify my acct about 2 weeks ago and was unable to have a verification code sent to the alternate email as they are no longer in use - I was then advised of a 30 day lock out and asked to provide an alternate address (gave my husbands email) - not sure whether this was legit I tried a few other times and was either given same response or asked to verify by answering security questions which I did and passed successfully and then changed my password - was still told to verify with a recovery code ( again old alternate email address was supplied to send code to) gave my husbands email and he was sent a code - code received on his acct did not allow me to get in ( the code he got was not the same number of digit code I needed ie 4 digits when I needed 5) - did this 2 and same outcome. Just not sure if I can get into my acct some other way to by pass this '30 days' and even if the 30 days is legit. Also if I have been trying a number of times does the 30 days start afresh? Just confused and frustrated as i can get my emails on my phone and send but can't access my account for folders and inbox history, contacts address book etc. even this site rejected my email address. please help thanks!!


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Hi Peta,

A user has very little control over their email address when they choose to register and use an address from a free email service provider.

Microsoft/Hotmail can choose to do pretty much whatever they want (or not) with your email address based on the terms your agreed to when creating the account.

Here are some options for getting back a Hotmail account:

Also, I wrote this for Yahoo Mail users when Yahoo was having a lot of service issues last fall, but the sentiment is mostly the same for Hotmail users: