Ipswitch Releases IMail Server 11.03


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Ipswitch Messaging Division announced today the release of IMail Server v11.03. With the release of IMail v11.03, Ipswitch Messaging Division now offers the availability of Commtouch Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection. Zero Hour offers real-time virus protection to bridge the early-hour vulnerability gap between when an outbreak first occurs and when traditional anti-virus solutions are able to issue a virus update. While traditional anti-virus solutions are still crucial for known viruses, Zero Hour focuses on new and variant virus protection.
“We are extremely pleased to add Zero Hour to our product line,” says Tripp Allen, president of the Ipswitch Messaging Division. “Security is top-of-mind for our customers and with the landscape of malicious attacks changing so often, being able to stay on top of new viruses is critical. It’s a necessary addition to any traditional anti-virus program.”
Along with the addition of Zero Hour, Ipswitch has made a number of enhancements in this release. IMail Server administrators now have the ability to enable archiving on multiple levels including users, lists or aliases. SMTP connection checks have also been enhanced to allow IMail users to reject messages based on spam/virus classifications prior to a message being accepted, therefore minimizing backscatter.
Users will also find additional mobile synchronization support for select Google Android™ devices, specifically the HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid X and the Motorola Droid A855. These devices are now supported for email, contacts, and calendar events. “Enhancements will continue to be an important part of all of our releases,” Allen goes on to say. “We are focused on consistently improving the user experience and giving our customers relevant business tools for their success.”
For more details on the IMail Server v11.03 release, check out the full release notes at: http://docs.ipswitch.com/_Messaging/IMailServer/v11.03/ReleaseNotes/.