IP address in email header is incorrect?


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I wanted to trace an email to see the rough location of the sender (because Im receiving messages from someone I think isn't who they say they are).

Looking on tutorials, it seems the way to find the IP address of the sender is to view the full header (which I'm managed to do) and locate the IP address of the sender from the 'received' bit, or type the whole thing into a trace email website and it will do it for me.

The problem I have, is I'm experimenting with this my sending myself an email (from my hotmail to yahoo) to make sure this process works. It does not seem to work as there are about 2 IP addresses in the header (from myself) and one is in the USA, one in Ireland which isn't accurate at all.

Anyone have any idea why it is displaying the wrong IP?:thanks:


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Hi sparkly,

Can you post an example of the Yahoo full email headers?

In Yahoo you'll see several IP's in the various received lines, a few of them are Yahoo servers, and a received via HTTP header line near the bottom, if it exists, that lists the senders IP address.
Received: from [a.b.c.d] by web125602.mail.ne1.yahoo.com via HTTP; Tue, 06 May 2014 09:14:49 PDTAfter sending a few tests I noticed that Yahoo does not include the senders IP address in every outgoing email anymore.

It seems like it's usually included if the user is using basic Yahoo Mail and/or have conversations turned off, but the senders IP address is less likely to be included if they are using the full featured Yahoo Mail and/or have conversations turned on.

It's possible that Yahoo is following the privacy trend and phasing in changes to their servers and may stop including the senders IP address for all senders from all servers.