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I've recently received a document purporting to be a copy of an original email sent from A to B.
In the email sent by A, there is a "Sent" date field in the header when I believe it should be a "Date" date field.
Is the header and therefore the email not a valid one? Any thoughts?

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Can you post the full email headers?

We can help you figure out if they look legitimate.

The problem is that they are a copy, so technically if you don't trust the source of the copy then you can't trust the headers.

You can only trust email headers that created by mail servers that you trust.

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New Email
Would have been better if I'd put the question like this:
Using Outlook, a header of an email from A to B when printed out initially consists of:

When B replies to A or forwards it on, the header within what was the original email changes to:

What I'm really after is this: should the first header in any thread necessarily have a "Date" date field rather than a "Sent" date field?
In other words does the copy header that I received and contained a "Sent" date field show that it was copied and pasted from a reply/forwarded email rather than from an original email?
Put another way, when does Outlook use the "Sent" date field as opposed to the "Date" date field.
Obviously I've no source code for this email.