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I have Incredimail I am looking for a email where either I can write on the foreground with a background picture or just download any picture and somehow write across the downloaded picture. My goal is to create a new way to express oneself with ones writing.


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Hi, Paul


Well, you have two choices that I'm aware of:

1) You can use Incredimail or another client like Thunderbird and find a good site that has email stationery. I'm too lazy to check right now, but I believe there is/was a site called "CloudEight" that had stuff like that. I don't know if it still does or if it's popular, safe, etc. This option only requires that your email client support the insertion of such stationery, so you won't necessarily have to change clients.

2) You could find a picture from the web that has a good amount of space to say what you want to say, save it to your desktop, open it with something like the Paint program in Windows, and insert the text of your choice at that point. [I just did that with a pic from the Desktop Nexus site (downloaded, used Paint to add text, and 'saved' it) and put it in the body of an Outlook client message.] From there you can either insert the completed picture in the body of an email message (hoping it will fit: not be too big or too small for the recipient) or just add it as an attachment. Note that, unlike stationery, with this option I don't think the picture will expand as you progress with your composition. You would have to know ahead of time that your message (given the font size you want to use) will fit in the chosen area of the picture.

Others here may have additional ideas.

Oh, btw, a third idea: if you use webmail, there are providers (AOL, Yahoo and others) that have stationery available. I don't know, though, if such "plays well" with the recipients' email programs. I've found it kind of glitchy in past tests.