Incredimail dead. will not send or receive


When I click on "GET MAIL" nothing happens.
When I click on "SEND" nothing happens.

I reinstalled, with no effect.
The whole thing seems to have died.


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Which email service provider are you using?

If this is related to the recent changes for Yahoo Mail please see these links for the new settings:

Yahoo POP3 -

Yahoo IMAP -

Also, please do a spyware scan on your computer and verify that you do not have any antivirus or firewall software blocking your IncrediMail or email ports 25, 110, 143, 993, 995.

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Incredimail is back on line. Part of the problem was Avast rejecting the certificate. Once I had told it to accept, things improved, but I still feel this was only part of the problem.
I use, and gmail, so no problem there.


i have given up on Incredimail. I can only get it to receive mail if I use the command from the right click menu from the taskbar icon. I cannot get it to send mail at all, I have lost count of the number of times I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Back to Outlook! (Which works perfectly.)