IncrediMail crashes at least 3 times every day!


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Hi All!
Since Micro$oft forced me to update Windows 8 to 8.1 last week, I've had at least 30 unexpected shut-downs of IncrediMail!
There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason...not even a "shutdown only happens when I_____" type of thing, so I don't really know what info to supply, BUT, after 4 shutdowns today alone, (YIKES!!!), I've run out of patience, so here are some of the things that seem to cause IncrediMail to shutdown:
If I hold the Ctrl key & highlight several emails
If I'm composing an email
If I change the stationery
If I try to delete or move a group of emails
In other words, if I try to do "normal" things, IncrediMail shuts down!
Is anyone else having this problem, & if so is there a solution?
I'm running Windows 8.1 & Comcast is my ISP.
If you have any questions, just let me know.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Best Regards,
Nuts4Mutts :confused:


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Hi Nuts4Mutts,

I strongly recommend switching to a different email program:

Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird are nice choices.

I also recommend doing some security / spyware / malware scans on your computer and removing everything related to conduit.

In addition to the link above a few days ago I also found a reference to conduit in my FireFox within the Advanced -> Network -> Offline Web Content and User Data section:

FireFox conduit.JPG


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Hi Popowicz!
Thanks for the reply, but I'm a bit baffled & more than saddened by your response. First, I already completed the survey several months ago; in it I stated that I use IncrediMail because of the "bells & whistles" it provides. To elaborate, I like being able to choose nice stationery; I like being able to choose fancy fonts; I almost always add several emoticons, animations & or music or sounds to my other words, I paid for the ability to make my emails special & enjoyable...not just for me, but for the recipients. I can't begin to count how many people have told me that the email I sent them, "just made my day", or, "I was feeling really down, but your email made me smile". As in other aspects of life, it's the "little things" that mean the most, & having the "little things" I mentioned above that come with the purchase of IncrediMail allows me to bring a little happiness to others, especially to kids & the elderly.

I'm more than saddened by your reply because your immediate response is to use another email program, instead of making an effort to find a solution!
I know that IncrediMail isn't the wonderful program I paid for in 1999-2000, as there are LOTS of animations, sounds, emoticons, & content "missing" from Gold Membership today, (which I think should be available because that's what we paid for), but IncrediMail is STILL better than any other email program out there!

I've used several other email programs before, including Thunderbird, but all of them are BORING, unimaginative & "fun-free"...all of which are adjectives that do NOT describe me, or anyone who wants to make others happy.
I don't know why IncrediMail has lost its desire to be the premium, outstanding email program it used to be; maybe it's Perion who sucked the fun out of things, but for IncrediMail Support to immediately throw in the towel & suggest using another program before even trying to solve the problem is VERY sad.

I know it's not your fault; being disheartened & lacking enthusiasm comes from management...not from those who do all the work! After reading your post, I'm VERY concerned about the future of my investments in my IncrediMail programs, though.
Are you trying to send the message that IncrediMail is going to "disappear" soon, so why bother trying to fix it? I sincerely hope that's not the case because all the people who've spent hard-earned money on IncrediMail deserve much better...we paid for all the "bells & whistles" & we want to be able to use them no matter what Micro$oft does to take the fun & excitement out of its OS!

If I should contact someone else about this sad state of affairs, just tell me who & I'll be more than happy to do it. I want the "old" IncrediMail back to the way it used to be & I know I'm not alone. There is no other email program out there that I know of that has all the perks of IncrediMail Gold...if there is, please tell me so I can check it out. Until then, I want to be able to use the program I PAID FOR.

I sincerely hope I've misread your response & I apologize if I've spoken too harshly; however, IncrediMail Gold Members deserve better than a quick recommendation to try another program.



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Hi Nuts4Mutts,

If it's not clear, we're not the creators of IncrediMail.

I can not comment on their owners plans for the future.

I do not have a personal interest between you choosing IncrediMail vs another email program on your computer.

We're here to help with email in general and provide the best advice possible.

I believe there are other programs that will better respect your privacy and security.

If you really want to stick with IncrediMail try a reinstall followed by an immediate security scan. That may help to fix the crashes.

Please let us know if that helps to fix the problem.