importing from googledoc spreadsheet into yahoo contacts


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Re: How do I export a single category on Yahoo?Hello,

The way I handle creating a list of Yahoo contacts from a specific category is to do the following :

  • Export the complete contacts list in Yahoo CSV format
  • Download the CSV file to my desktop
  • Upload the CSV file to Google Docs
  • Click the arrow at the top of the category column -> sort A-Z
  • Now your contacts are organized by category so you can cut -> paste -> save only the category of contacts that you want to share.
If you need more specific steps and screen shots please let us know.
I have followed these steps. Now I want my associate to import these contacts into her yahoo mail account. Can she do it from the published google doc or should I save it on my computer or a disk as a csv file and send her that? By the way I don't know if she is using Yahoo classic or the upgrade. I doubt if she does either.