im having problems setting up a smtp server


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*actually what i mean is im having trouble sending mails over smtp

im having problems with my smtp server. when i try to send over 50 emails, my isp blocks it. ive tried using a smtp relay and an external smtp server but this doesnt work. i think my isp my be blocking port 25 altogether. plus the mail bomber program that im using only works with port 25 i think, although i connected to the relay through localhost. is there anything i can do about this?


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A lot of ISP's block sending over port 25 - There's not much you can do about it. Even if you try sending through a gmail account, you're going to hit limitations pretty fast. You can try using a fastmail account they have higher sending limits then most.

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The other thing you can do is purchase a VPS and install a mail server and that should solve your problems.


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Many ISP's offer smtp authentication on another port such as 587 465 or sometimes 2525 to help get past port 25 blocking.

Which ISP are you using? Maybe they have setup directions that will work on another port, and sometimes ISP's allow more sending for authenticated users.