If you forward a message several times to different recipients can it be sent *not* as a thread?


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I sometimes write an email (Usually with photos as attachments) that I send to a single person.

Then I want to send the photos to another recipient. I could send a new email and load all the photos to that email.

I am trying to avoid that labor with the forward feature.

When I send a forward of the email to another person I want to send just one set of the photos and not include the messages that I sent to others.

What happens is that I wind up sending a thread of all messages which includes all prior emails messages together with multiple sets of photos.

Is there a way to use the forward feature (to avoid reloading all photo attachments in a new email) but not include all prior versions of the email?

Thanks so much.

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What email program or service provider are you using?

If I'm reading this right you are looking for a feature to :

"forward email attachments without including the original message text" ?

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