If Yahoo Mail is IMAP'd in Outlook 2007 then how many mails are actually downloaded on laptop?

Nirav D

I understand IMAP is more like fetching/reading mails from server (like an interface between user and server) rather than (physically) downloading emails onto the computer (like POP).

Can anyone plz confirm whether if this is the case or is it that IMAP also creates the storage space for emails on computer?



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I'm surprised. I added an IMAP account with almost 100MB of email in it to my Outlook 2013 as a second email account but the PST file for that account didn't grow. I'm checking around for growth somewhere else. The default PST file didn't grow either. The email must be getting downloaded during the send/receive process somewhere, the emails with large attachments just can't display real time without that happening. I'll reply again when I find the disk usage, but as is here is a screen shot of the PST file for an IMAP account with almost 100MB of email in it showing only only 16MB usage in Windows:

Outlook 2013 IMAP PST File.JPG

Nirav D

Thanks Ray for your help.

I understand there is a setting in Outlook where we need to select whether whole message or just headers are to be downloaded. Maybe the attachments ur talking about didn't got physically downloaded on ur machine. Maybe the attachments will download only when u download whole email?