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Here is possibly a very stupid question - I have a client who has recently turned down a purchase offer for a domain name she actively uses. The person trying to buy the domain has informed her in a "friendly" way that her use of the email address of "info@domainname.com" is prohibited by ICANN. She now is greatly concerned and wants that address off her site.

I have never heard of such a restriction, and am only aware of requirements regarding postmaster and abuse addresses for a domain.

Is this the total BS I believe it to be, or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for any insight!


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Do you have a link to the icann.org page that states this policy?

I have never heard of it, not even for the abuse and postmaster addresses.

Any chance this is some sort of scheme for the buyer to get the currently listed or new email address so they can steal the domain?

I'd be concerned mostly about making sure all of their accounts are as secure as possible, have 2 factor authentication where available, and that every email and social account uses a different password.

Here is a related article from earlier this year that I'm reminded of by this situation.

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