I only want to use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007


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I have the two programs below and I only want to use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. How do I stop mail from coming into both programs? Thanks!

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Hi Carol,

First, before removing any accounts from Outlook Express, make sure that you know the account details for the account(s) or that all accounts are already configured in Microsoft Outlook. You can click the properties button on the same screen as the remove button in the directions below to find the settings for your existing accounts. Also, you might want to make a backup or forward important emails back to yourself so they can be received in Microsoft Outlook before removing the account from Outlook Express.

Once you are sure you are ready to delete the account from Outlook Express:

  • Open Outlook Express
  • Go to the Tools menu and click Accounts
Outlook Express Tools Accounts.JPG
  • Highlight the account that you want to remove and click Remove
Outlook Express Remove Account.JPG
  • Close Outlook Express
If you have any additional questions please let us know.

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I only had Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on this PC for the past 3 years. When the PC suddenly stopped working and I couldn’t restore or do anything, my husband put in a new motherboard (?). We had periodically saved stuff to a jump drive. I wanted all programs, word documents, mail folders and whatever I had to be back on the PC. This took days. He did most of it. I took some disks and tried to install some stuff I thought was missing. I think that’s how “Microsoft Express 6” got on the PC. (That program has been on my laptop and I have the disk. I wanted “Scansoft Paperport” and probably thought that was the way to load it). So, Microsoft Express 6 is a new thing being on this desktop PC.

outlook express setup.JPG

I went into Outlook express > Internet Accounts (tab “mail”), Properties (general), and unchecked “include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing”. Would that stop mail coming to MS express 6 before I follow your plan? Given what I said above, do I need to be concerned with anything before removing Express 6? I don’t want to lose Scansoft Paperport.

THANKS! (Sorry so long).