I don't know my recovery email/can't access it


New Email
I really need help on accessing this email account, its an email that's been made over 10 years ago so I can't really remember the information on the account. I think I do remember some of it though...but this email is super important to me. This email has never been hacked before or anything nor have I ever changed the password. Anyways I haven't been able to log on my email due to work(might be part of the reason I can't access it?) and I am not sure when the last time I check it was but recently I tried to log on and it ask me to confirm/verify my account. I don't think I know this email but then again its made over 10 years ago. I check some places for help and notice that it ask for proof of identity, yahoo doesn't allow us to input a name less than 3 letters...but my really first name is less than 3 less long so in order for me to create an email I had to make up a name. I would really like to know what I could do to recover my email, again it is very important to me.
Thank you for your time and help.