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I can open my Hotmail email inbox and read incoming messages; but I cannot send emails either as replies or as new ones. What happens when I try to, is as soon as I type ONE letter in the "TO" address box, I get a yellow bar with the following message : "Hotmail was not able to complete this request. Microsoft may contact you about any issues you report."

I also get a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it at the lower left part of the window, with a message saying "Error on page."

Further when I move my mouse so that the cursor is over any of the Hotmail option boxes, e.g. : font size, "Attachments", "B", "I", "U", or any other option box, then the message next to the little yellow triangle changes to : { link removed}

I am using Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3, Internet Explorer 7, and have tried various email programs with similar results.


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The link that you pated into the forum is not part of Hotmail.

Your computer might be infected with malware.

Try scanning your computer with Malwarebytes

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I ran Malwarebytes and it found nothing. F-Secure which is my main antivirus did find one, and I deleted it;but that didn't help. Matter of fact, Hotmail seems to be down, right now because I can't acess it with either of my computers. Not this one, which has been giving the problem sending emails, nor the other one I have which has been working.

EDIT : K, Hotmail is backup now but I still can't send emails.
Additional details :

I can open Hotmail, and read my incoming messages; BUT I can't send emails on my main machine, (Win XP-PRO Service Pack 3.5), which is a triple boot contraption, wherein the main boot lives in a "Hotswap Tray", and can be replaced by an identical reserve drive, and the third boot is on another identical internal drive. though I can from another machine which is using a different version of Windows, (Win XP Media Center Edition). And the last time I tried it, I could also send them from my Win98-SE machine. When I try to send a new email, or reply to a received email, what happens is, as soon as I type ONE character in the "TO" address box, a yellow bar comes up with the message : "Hotmail was not able to complete this request. Microsoft may contact you about any issues you report."

And at the bottom left of the page, I get a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it, and the message : "Error on page." Then if I move my mouse so as to bring the cursor over any of the option boxes, e.g. "B" or font size, or "Attachments" or any other option; then the "Error on page" message changes to : "Link Removed"

I have even used Norton Ghost to restore the machine by way of a set of "Image Files" to a version used before this problem existed; then having done that, used Microsoft's Backup program to restore first the whole drive, then the system state, using backups created before this problem existed. But the problem is still there. Frankly I suspect it is being caused by a software change, (Update), at the Hotmail site.

1) I don't send emails every day, so I can't tell you exactly when the issue arose; but I can say that the last time I successfuly sent an email from this machine was the 23rd of March 2012. And I have had to use my other machine to send emails since the 6th of April 2012.

2) I only have one email account, which I use on all my machines. On this XP-PRO machine I can access my account, and I can read emails; BUT I cannot send emails from either the "Main Boot Drive", (In a "Hotswap" tray), or from the Internal "Backup Boot Drive". I have not yet tried replacing the "Main Boot Drive" with my "Reserve Main Boot Drive", (also in a "Hotswap" tray).

3) I can send emails using my WinXP Media Center Edition machine; but that is a rather flakey machine that was given to me dead, and I got it working, (sort of), again.

4) My machine is NOT fully updated, as I tend to stick with what WORKS. It could be there is some particular update required to solve this problem.

5) Re browser I use Internet Explorer 7 on both machines.

Regards, J. H. McGowan
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"Does your hosts file have a malicious entry for hotmail.com in it ?"
Sorry, but that was "Greek to me". Could you explain what I should check in that regard ?


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K, It is fixed now. What I did was go to the Windows Update site, and sort through 130 odd updates accepting 16 of them. Once they were installed and the machine was rebooted the problem was solved.

Thanks for your help.