I cannot get back into my yahoo email account


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Hi: I had some kind of problem 2 days ago that I've never experienced before with my yahoo email accounts. My main business email xxxxxxx@yahoo.com is now blocked and I have important emails regarding purchases that I need to have access to. It would not accept my password and when I tried to change it I then got blocked for security reasons after a few tries. This blocked me for 20plus hours.When I cam back totry again their box for re-entering a new password automatically showed that the password was weak before I even entered it ! It then blocked me for another 24 hours.This seems to be now a permanent situation and they don't reply to my inquiries on helping me fix this. When trying to log inn they accept my two security and acknowledged they have securely identified me but soon as I try to change the password it shows up in red to the right of the box saying "weak password" before I even write anything. is there a support email or number that I can actually reach yahoo? I'm now going into 48 hours without my email access.Any advice would be most welcome.
sincerely, paxvet


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