I cannot add new contacts to an existing List, anymore


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I was able to add 20 email addresses to a Contact List I created. I cut and pasted these addresses from another site. I was able to add these 20 names -- it gave me the option to select from a list of my Lists. Then, this message appeared: "Something unexpected just happened, if it continues contact Yahoo Help" and I couldn't add anything. I need to create this list for my work and I'd appreciate help very much.

(I have to be away from my computer for long stretches so if someone writes and I don't respond quickly, that's why. I'll answer as soon as I can.)


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What happens if you update the list a couple times with a few addresses at a time?

Is it possible that you are accidentally also copying to special or other unexpected/invisible characters that is causing the problem?


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Thank you so much for writing, I appreciate it. Yes, I tried that, and tried adding the addresses to a different List. I'm doing them one at a time (that seems to be the only way to do it.)