Hushmail is unencrypted at Canada mail server


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Hi all. I am new to the group. I have been reading discussions and find them helpful.

My question. I use hushmail and presume emails to/from the site are secure using PGP.

The mail is encrypted until it hits the Canada mail server if I understand it. The articles I have read indicate it is then open to prying eyes.

Is that true, and if so, is there a better secure email provider?

I hope this question is acceptable on this forum.



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How Hushmail Can Protect You
When one Hushmail user sends an email to another Hushmail user, the body and attachments of that email are kept on our server in encrypted form, and under normal circumstances, we would have no access to that data. We can’t just pick an arbitrary encrypted email message off the server and read it. An encrypted email message cannot be decrypted without the passphrase, and in the normal course of operations, we do not store passphrases. However, we may be required to store a passphrase for an account identified in an order enforceable in British Columbia, Canada.