How to USE BCC function to send emails?

Amir Farman

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Hi sorry I´m new to this and have a simple question:

I have a email list with 5000 email adresses where I want to send a mail.
I dont want the recivers to see other recivers so the BCC function is well for that?

Before I send email to all this address I wanted to test this function on my own domains. I have several different domains and I tried to send an email to reciever: "my address"
BCC to 5 other domains which is also mine.

The result I got is: I recive email to "my address" pluss the first address in BCC filed. That means the rest 4 of email addresses in BCC field dont recive my email. All email adresses are comma "," seperated without any space. By default the mail program on OSX putts a little gap between all email addresses and it looks like it regonize them as different addresses.

So why wouldnt it be delivered?
Is it possible to put a recipt request when I send email so I know when the reciver opens it so I know it have been delivered? Like delivery report?

Thanks for ALL help I can get.

EQ Admin

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Hi Amir,

Using BCC for the recipient addresses looks spammy. It's OK if you must forward an email to a couple of your friends and family and don't want them to see each others email addresses, but for an email newsletter you should be putting the recipients email address (and only their address!) in the To: field. If you need some help making this easier try sending a newsletter with MailChimp. They are a free service if you stay within their free limits and also provide email templates and other useful features to help you get started.

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