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I have setup "Two-step Verification" on my and on my wife's account. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We took a long trip to South America on a cruise ship. While on the trip, we stopped in many small ports along the coast of SA. We tried to log on to but needed to do the two-step verification each time - BUT WE WERE NEVER SUCCESSFUL!! The cell phone service there was none existant and the internet was so slow that using our gmail account for verification was not practical. We want to get off of the two-step verification. We cannot find any way to do this.
Various places on the internet stated that we need to go to Microsoft account Security info overview webpage. There is a switch under the Two-step Verification tab to turn this flag off. We tried this, but the actual program did not match what the instructions showed - the "Turn off two step verification" field does not exist on the website.
We watched in amazement as everybody else on the ship that did not have the two-step verification could log on directly to their accounts at the same ports. They were not setting the PCs up at these ports as "Trusted PCs".
Does anyone know how we can turn this feature off? Thank you for your help.


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Hi Charlies,

Go to this link - Sign in to your Microsoft account

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Then click the link on that page to turn off two step verification.
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I have the same issue. Every time I log in from a different computer, I am asked for a security code. I do not want this anymore. I want to log in to my webmail using only my 1 password, from any computer in the world. And I do not have the option to turn it off as displayed below by popowich.

This is what I see:
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And when I click on "remove" to remove the verification email address, it offers me this:
"Before you can remove, you need to add another phone number or alternative email address, or verify an existing one. If you ever lose access to your account, this info helps you get back in."
Help much appreciated from email angels.
Thank you


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